Our weekly trade in copper that went to & through targets

One of our subscribers who is has advanced well in their learning of our system reported this trade setup measured entirely by him and traded as a swing trade as a pullback entry from last Friday July 12th, to and through the profit targets today. While we present the chart shared by him with us, the trade entries were as follows and he indulged in a early entry of the trade idea given the momentum in metals and especially copper this week:

  • Commodity traded: Copper - futures symbol HG - Expiration month Sept'19
  • Long entry: 2.6882
  • Stop: 2.6488
  • Profit target: 2.7900
  • One contract yielded: $2,545
For readers of insidefutures who like trading metals, we present a long trade continuation idea into next week. Always be patient with your trades and allow the trades to come to either the Suggested or the Early entry suggestions shown here. Again, this trade idea is good through next week.


Here is the underlying chart that re-analyzed for presentation here for our readers


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